Bulletin for 1-23-22

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

None this week

Prayer requests:

Kennedi Reames, thyroid surgery Feb 9.

Diane Esner, Joe’s mom, positive for Covid, she has several co-morbidities.

Chris Girvin and Lowell Taylor both doing well after surgery

Marilyn Jones maintenance chemo has been a little tough but doing well with physical rehab.

Darlyne Stewart, Karl’s sister, small cancer spots on liver, therapy ongoing.

Shirley Weeks, Steve’s mom, is not well.

Sharon Best, Steven’s mom, still recovering from surgery.

Sarah, Chris Girvin’s sister, on hospice care

Eleuterio Oviedo will have knee replacement surgery Wednesday.

Steve Weeks, sleep apnea, appointment Wed.

Sharon Gerstman, regular member of our radio group, hip surgery in Feb 2.

Gary Nelson, dental surgery Thursday.

Robert and Sue Waller, health issues.

David Shaffer, being treated for leukemia, bone marrow transplant.

Darla Nitti, Wendi’s mom, stage 4 kidney disease, not well. Wendi has gone to be with her.

Sean Brooks, friend of Paul’s, has covid.

Leta, has a recurring cancer, prayer request from her granddaughter via our website.

If you have more prayer requests, just message or text Steve and we will update!


Three words

It was only three words. Three very powerful words.

Death signals finality, ending, goodbye. Those three words must cause the most sorrow and pain one can experience in this life.

But Jesus spoke three of the most powerful words human beings have ever heard: “Lazarus, come out!” (John 11:43). Then, a man who had been dead for four days walked out of his tomb dragging his grave clothes behind him.

Jesus told Lazarus’ sister, Martha, that if she believed she would see the glory of God. Then Jesus spoke those three words and Lazarus came out of the tomb.

This was the most spectacular event before or since!

But Jesus has something even more amazing waiting for humanity. One day, the Christ will raise every person who has ever lived and died. Millions and millions of people will hear the voice of God the Son and shall come out of their graves, tombs, and vaults. By his word, those still living will be changed (1 Corinthians 15:52).

All of humanity will attend one final meeting together in which all will be judged before the one, true God.

On which side will you stand? Will you take your place with the redeemed of all ages, or with the condemned? The choice is yours. Make your decision to obey the gospel before you hear those three words on the last day of earth.

John Henson, link to original article